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 CAM  Computer Aided Management
 MIS  Management Information System
 RM  Research Methodology (PhD Programme)
 NLU-01  Cyber Laws: National and International Perspective
 IMT-01  Management Process and Organization
 NLU-02  E-Commerce, E-Taxation and Regulatory paradigm
 IMT-02  Marketing in Action
 NLU-03  Intellectual Property Rights in Digital Environment-I
 IMT-03  Marketing Research
 NLU-04  E-Banking & Electronic Payment System
 IMT-05  Advertising and Sales Promotion
 NLU-05  Intellectual Property Rights in Digital Environment-II
 NLU-06  IT Act and Internet Governance
 IMT-07  Working Capital Management
 NLU-07  Informational Technology Management
 NLU-08  Cyber Crimes, Computer Forensics and Digital Evidence
 IMT-09  Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
 IMT-10  Business Communication
 IMT-11  Managing People
 IMT-12  Human Resource Management Objective: Human Resource Management
 IMT-13  Management Union Relations
 IMT-14  Organization Structure and Behaviour
 IMT-15  Production & Operations Management
 IMT-16  International Trade
 IMT-17  International Marketing
 IMT-18  Export Finance and Documentation
 IMT-19  Indian Foreign Trade
 IMT-20  Managerial Economics
 IMT-23  Inventory Control Management
 IMT-24  Quantitative Techniques
 IMT-25  Operation Research
 IMT-26  Project Management
 IMT-30  Sales & Distribution Management
 IMT-31  Web Technology
 IMT-36  Java Programming
 IMT-40  Marketing Management
 IMT-41  Indian Financial Services
 IMT-46  Computer Aided Management
 IMT-48  .NET Programming
 IMT-49  Business Ethics
 IMT-50  Consumer Behaviour
 IMT-51  Manufacturing Strategies
 IMT-54  Business Law
 IMT-55  Total Quality Management
 IMT-56  Strategic Management
 IMT-57  Financial Accounting
 IMT-58  Management Accounting
 IMT-59  Financial Management
 IMT-60  Training and Development
 IMT-61  Corporate Finance
 IMT-62  Strategic HRD
 IMT-63  Group Dynamics & Managing Change
 IMT-64  Leadership
 IMT-65  Management Information System
 IMT-68  Labour Law
 IMT-69  Logistics and Supply Chain Management
 IMT-70  Marketing of Service Industry
 IMT-71  Competitive Analysis & Marketing Strategy
 IMT-72  Rural Marketing
 IMT-73  Export Planning & Procedure
 IMT-74  Managing HR in Global Environment
 IMT-75  Brand Management
 IMT-76  Industrial Marketing
 IMT-77  E-Business
 IMT-79  Economic Environment of India
 IMT-81  Retail Management
 IMT-82  Retail Shoppers Behaviour
 IMT-83  Retail Sales Techniques
 IMT-84  Cost Management
 IMT-85  Project Appraisal and Financing
 IMT-86  International Financial Management
 IMT-87  Risk Management
 IMT-89  Material Requirement and Planning
 IMT-91  Basics of Security
 IMT-92  Network Security
 IMT-93  Different Types of Attacks
 IMT-94  Networks Security, Threats, Attacks and Loopholes
 IMT-95  Security Solutions
 IMT-96  Software Hacking
 IMT-97  Mobile Platforms Security
 IMT-98  System Forensics
 IMT-99  Production Planning & Control
 IMT-100  Software Project Management
 IMT-101  Networking & Telecom Management
 IMT-102  Database Administration
 IMT-103  Linux Administration
 IMT-104  Principles And Practice of Life Insurance
 IMT-105  Non-Life Insurance: Principles And Practice
 IMT-106  Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Insurance
 IMT-107  Insurance Business Environment
 IMT-108  Life Insurance Company Operations
 IMT-109  Life Insurance Underwriting
 IMT-110  Basics of Personal Financial Planning
 IMT-111  Insurance Sales Management
 IMT-112  Customer Relationship Management
 IMT-113  Income Tax-I
 IMT-114  Wealth Tax
 IMT-115  Service Tax
 IMT-116  Income Tax-II
 IMT-117  VAT in Delhi
 IMT-118  Service Tax-II
 IMT-119  Store Operations Management
 IMT-120  Business Research Method
 IMT-135  Marketing Management - I
 IMT-136  Financial Institutions, Markets and Service
 IMT-137  B2B Marketing
 IMT-138  Industrial Relations
 IMT-139  Enterprise Response Planning
 IMT-140  Change and Organisational Development
 IMT-142  Strategic Financial Management
 IMT-143  Marketing Management - II


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